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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Factory and Supplier Compliance


Our Services

Value-added service
Our Merchandizing Teams are based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and provide for a vertical-integrated management from receipt of customer orders through to sourcing of fabrics, product development, purchasing and liaising with our production sites for final delivery of customer orders. Each team is uniquely qualified to service each customer dependent on individual needs. At Top Form, we believe in providing value-added service.

Product Development and R&D
Situated in Shenzhen just 20 minutes by car from the Lo Wu border, our product development center is conveniently situated as a meeting point for creative ventures from designers all over the world. Our international team of designers, patterners and graders take pride in their work to produce some of our best selling lingerie in the market. Our sample room provides for excellent turn-around times in creating fit samples ready for production. The quick turn-around time is an essential element of our philosophy. In keeping our business healthy by ensuring that we are competitive in the market, we in turn help to keep our customers competitive.

The environment we have created is lively, energetic and bustling with activity – an excellent combination in providing quick and efficient service whilst harboring new breakthrough ideas for our customers. In the same building, we have the R&D center of one of our principal subsidiaries, Grand Gain Industrial Ltd, the producer of mold cups and seamless products. The latest R&D technology are housed in the R&D center including our radio frequency; ultra-sonic; mold-skiving machines and seamless technology, to name but a few. With the proximity of the product development center and the R&D center, the benefits are two-fold in that ideas are created and tested quickly with good communication networks established between both centers.

Both centers share an in-house laboratory to ensure that designs and products created are fit for commercial use. Top Form is a strict believer in good quality and we bring this philosophy to all areas of our work. Our internal laboratory conducts tests on colorfastness, pH, crocking, pilling, flammability, phenolic yellowing and much more. Stringent procedures are set to check all new products against international standards such as AATCC, ASTM, ISO and Oeko-tex.


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