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Our Manufacturing Facilities

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

At Top Form, one of our strengths is the decreased country risk provided to our customers by the diverse locations of our factories.

Corporate Office ˇV Hong Kong
The hub of our operations is executed from our Head Office in Hong Kong. At our Head Office, you will find our accounts & finance, IT, corporate administration, shipping & logistics along with all cost control functions related to sales and purchase, sourcing and product development.

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PRC ˇV Shenzhen, Nanhai, Jiangxi
Our PRC factories together, account for 55% of total production output. Longnan in Jiangxi is our newest and largest facility in the PRC contributing to 28% of total production output for the group. The factory has over 25,000 square meters of space and employs over 2200 employees. Housing the latest technology in electronic cutting for large-scale production, the Longnan facility affords flexibility and material savings essential for todayˇ¦s market. Most of the orders produced in Longnan are for the USA market.

Our factory in Nanhai, Guangzhou has been with us for over 16 years. It accounts for 26% of the Group's total production output. Around 50% of its production is catered for the USA market.

Our facilities in Shenzhen provide important supporting functions to the Group, including product development, customer support and procurement services.

Our presence in Thailand is strong with the factory in Maesot (near the Burma border), which caters mainly for the USA market.

With further expansion in Thailand capacity as strategic moves to migrate low cost production, our capacity in Thailand accounts for 40% of total output and the plants in Thailand have over 28,000 square meters of space and employ over 2500 employees.

Our new factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is now at development stage, employing about 360 sewing operators and accounts for around 5% of the Groupˇ¦s total production output.

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