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  Corporate Governance Report  
Audit Committee
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Internal Audit Charter
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Memorandum of Association and Bye-laws

Business Code of Conduct

Business Integrity

Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards is central to the Group’s core operating philosophy. The Group has formally adopted a Code of Conduct (the “Code”) addressing guiding principles governing conduct of Directors, management and employees. The Code is intended to establish standards of conduct encompassing the areas in which the business operates.

In summary, executives and employees of the Group are expected to:

• Conduct business of the Group in full compliance with both the letter and spirit of the Law and of the Code.

• Maintain the highest possible standards in the way we operate and the way we treat our employees in order to satisfy the expectations of both the business and social communities.

• Use confidential information properly.

• Recognize and avoid conflicts of interest.

• Protect the ownership of property of the Group, including information, products, rights and services.

• Conduct outside activities in a way which does not compromise the individual or the Group.

There is a reporting system for any code violations. The Board reviews the Code and monitors its effective implementation periodically. There are also systems in place for risk assessment, risk identification and management, and timely corrective measures for sustainability and to nourish improvement for the business of the Group.



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