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The Top Form story

It all started with 20 sewing machines in 1963:
sewing machine

In 1963 our founders Mr.  Eddie Wong and Mr.  Frank Lo entered the garment business with a handful of sewing machines in Hong Kong.  Their first customer was Top Form, a company Mr.  Wong and Mr.  Lo would go on to acquire in 1970.  At that point Top Form possessed 100 sewing machines. 

Through persistence and hard work, the enterprise prospered and by 1978 had built a production capacity of 1,000 sewing machines.  In 1979 Top Form established a 400-machine offshore production facility in the Philippines.  This venture was the first of many designed to provide customers with the option of a wide  production base and a range of products whilst keeping the company competitive.

A pivotal year:

1980 was a remarkable year.  As one of the very first Hong Kong lingerie companies to begin manufacturing in China, we helped launch a trend that has literally changed the manufacturing process of intimate apparel.

In the same year we established a European wholesale joint venture with the Stephen Fransen Company.  The eighties saw us entering the Japanese market and establishing our first factory in Thailand.


The sexy stock:

In 1991, Top Form International was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  Among Hong Kong brokers, our stock code 333, became known as ‘the sexy stock’.

Following a vertical growth strategy, we acquired downstream retail and wholesale businesses in Asia.  However, this led to high debt levels and a restructuring in 1996.  New investors, including AIG, VF Corp and VDV came on board in 1998 which completed the restructuring.

A new century of growth:

We entered the new millennium by significantly boosting our production capacity.  To keep up with increasing demand, we began constructing new facilities in Longnan, China in 1999.  This was followed with further expansion in Thailand and China in 2000. In the following years, the financial strength of Top Form improved considerably.  By 2004 the expansion of our China manufacturing capacity was complete and Top Form’s financial position was looking brighter than ever. 

The Top Form story is about enterprise, persistence, hard work, an eye for detail and opportunity.  With a team of dedicated and highly competent individuals pioneering new projects, our confidence in Top Form business continues to grow.  Today we dominate the market and are eager to enter new regions.  Our history has surely been exciting and we look forward to our future with anticipation.  We continue to strive for excellence in order to ensure that the business remains profitable  for our customers, shareholders and employees.


Timeline (1963 – 2011)

Year Major events in our history
1963 Mr. Eddie Wong and Mr. Frank Lo, our founders, commenced to produce brassiere as a sub-contractor for Top Form with 20 sewing machines.
1970 Mr. Wong and Mr. Lo took over the business of Top Form. At that time, Top Form had 100 sewing machines.
1978 Production capacity increased to 1000 sewing machines.
1979 Established first oversea factory in the Philippines with 400 machines.
1980 Joint venture with Stephen Fransen Company and began our European wholesale operation
1985 Open Japan market
1988 Established first factory in Thailand
1991 Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
1993 Purchased down-stream business, such as the retail and wholesale operation in Asia
1996 Commenced financial and business restructuring due to heavy debts in regards to the non-core business. Mr. Willie Fung joined as Chairman to spear-head the financial re-structuring.
1998 Completed restructuring exercise with banks and introduced new investors such as AIG, VF Corp and VDV.
1999 Developed satellite plant in Longnan, China
2000 Further expansion in Thailand and commenced construction of an industrial compound in Longnan.
2003 With the conversion of the CLNs and a boost in the core manufacturing business, the financial position of the Company improved significantly
2004 Financial position continued to strengthen. Construction in Longnan is completed
2010 To improve cost efficiency, low cost production was migrated by the cessation of the Philippines plant and further expansion in Thailand capacity.
2011 New production plant in Cambodia is established.
2014 Mr. Eddie Wong was appointed as the chairman of Top Form.
2015 Mr. Kenneth Wong and Mr. Kevin Wong were appointed as the Managing Director and the Vice Chairman of Top Form.
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